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    Order Voxx HPT & eSmartr Sleev


    Assess & Measure

    Establish your "Brain Performance Profile"



    Wear Voxx HPT & eSmartr Sleev to boost brain performance

  • Details

    Below is the our 30-Day Brain Boost Launch recommendations for best results.


    Follow these 3-Steps towards measuring, improving and boosting your "Brain Performance"!


    STEP 1-Order Brain Boosting Technologies (eSmartr and Voxx HPT)


    What to order for optimal results:

    • ONE eSmartr Sleev for your dominant arm to improve focus and clarity*
    • ONE Voxx HPT insole of choice to have in shoes at all times to optimize daily performance*
    • ONE to THREE Voxx HPT socks of choice to optimize daily performance at and away from home*
    • 30 Day supply of 24-Hour VoxxLife Harmony neuro patches to optimize brain performance during work, play and sleep.

    *Includes a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


    eSmartr is a proprietary Cognitive Boost Technology(CBT) designed to optimize neural communications allowing users to naturally experience their passions more fully with focus, clarity and calmness. The combination of these signals help streamline the cognitive networks, resulting in scientifically-proven amplified cognitive abilities. Just ask Dr. Robert W. Thatcher, Ph. D. whose clinical white paper can be found here! Click on the eSmartr tab above to learn more.


    Voxx Human Performance Technology (HPT) is the ONLY known wearable neuro technology in the world proven to enhance brain function by an average of 30-40% providing instant brain power to users. Voxx HPT can help users with enhanced brain function, reduced pain, increased strength/endurance, increased balance/stability, faster reaction times, improved energy/sleep along with better memory recall and better decision making abilities while they are working, competing or playing. Click here to view Dr. Robert W. Thatcher's clinical white paper to learn more. Voxx HPT users are 8X less likely to fall.* Click on the VoxxLife tab above to learn more.


    STEP 2-Assess and Measure Your Brain Performance with Roberto. Start Playing Roberto Immediately.


    CLICK HERE to view Roberto testimonials, download the Roberto App and start assessing and measuring your Brain Performance daily!

    Roberto is a user-friendly brain health and wellness tool. Roberto examines major components of human brain functioning. It’s based on pencil-and-paper and tabletop apparatus tests used for more than 50 years to measure neurocognitive and neuromotor performance.


    Day 1-4

    Practice Roberto for 4 sessions to create your baseline and establish your "Brain Performance Profile".


    Day 5 or Week 1

    After establishing your baseline play Roberto 2-5 times weekly to measure and assess weekly performance.


    Once you have established your Roberto Baseline now it's time to boost your brain performance.

    STEP 3-Boost Your Brain Performance

    Start wearing eSmartr and Voxx HPT daily to boost daily brain performance.


    Week 2 or Day 15

    • Start wearing VoxxLife Harmony NeuroPatch #1 on DOMINANT forearm for first 24 hours.

    NOTE: The Harmony NeuroPatch is a topical patch with a neuro pattern clearly visible and tactile that is primarily to be applied to inside of forearm. Once the patch is worn on the forearm for a day or 24 hours, there is a process called somatosensory cortex imprinting that takes place. This means that the part of the brain that recognizes touch stimulation remembers the pattern. After wearing the patch on the forearm the 1st time (this is called primary activation) the somatosensory cortex remembers the pattern and will recognize it when the patch is applied again to another part of the body. The forearm is always primary. This has been tested with the patch and works. After 24 hours of placement, future daily patches may be placed on any part of the body to receive optimal benefits.

    • Voxx HPT socks and insoles can be worn daily with patches for optimal results and comfort but not required.


    Day 16 or 2nd Day of Wearing Brain Boosting Technologies

    • Begin wearing eSmartr Sleev on dominant arm to activate Cognitive Boost Technology.

    IMPORTANT- The sleev works best when worn on your dominant arm and the Voxxlife Harmony patches ONLY need to be worn on the dominant forearm for the first time use for primary activation. So we recommend wearing the sleev on your dominant arm and the Harmony patch on another area of your body after the first 24 hours of Harmony NeuroPatch activation.


    Continue to wear eSmartr Cognitive Boost Technology and VoxxLife Human Performance Technology daily to experience optimal benefits and results.


    Day 30

    Assess and measure your improvements with the Roberto App and continue to wear CBT and HPT daily for optimal performance and results.


    Users that measure Brain Performance daily while wearing Cognitive Boost Technology and Voxx Human Performance Technology have experienced improvements in their "Brain Performance Profile".


    CONTACT US BELOW to learn the most cost-effective ways to implement the 30-Day Brain Boost Program for you, your family, workplace and/or sports team!


    DISCLAIMER: ROBERTO DOES NOT PROVIDE A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS. ROBERTO is not a medical diagnostic tool or clinical treatment. The results from Roberto empower individuals to take personal responsibility in monitoring their brain health and make informed health decisions. ROBERTO has been identified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a class II medical device exempt from 510(k) premarket notification requirements. ROBERTO is a computerized neurocognitive assessment aid that is not intended for use as a stand-alone assessment of specific diseases or conditions.


    DISCLAIMER: eSmartr and VoxxLife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, condition or ailment.

    *8X less likely to fall is an algorithm that was used in correlation to the LiUNA study that tested improvements in balance and stability.

    What is the VALUE of YOUR BRAIN?​

    CBT and HPT works on our neurology 100% of the time… IF you wear the technologies correctly! View Dr. Debrincat's video here to learn how and why.


    Think about this:

    Would you buy half an umbrella to stay dry in the rain?
    Would you buy a pair of prescription glasses with one lens missing?
    Would you buy a car with only 3 tires?

    In order to have a successful outcome, it's important to set yourself up for success from the beginning.


    Tips to Remember

    • When you’re using any of the technologies, they work; when you’re not using the technology, it doesn’t work. VOXX on, VOXX off! The benefits with Voxx HPT are cumulative, so wear Voxx HPT as much as possible.
    • If you have sleep issues, you may want to trying sleeping with Voxx HPT on. Lots of healing happens while you sleep, so please wear them at night to help your brain help your body work on wellness!
    • The HPT may increase microcirculation. Microcirculation is blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels, which is necessary for the function and healing of the cells all over the body.
    • My personal feedback: the longer I wear the technologies the more benefits I experience.
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