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    NOTE: VoxxLife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, condition or ailment.

    Product Line Overview

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    Successful Voxx HPT Experience Overview


    Voxx works on our neurology 100% of the time… IF you wear the technology correctly! Watch Dr. Debrincat's video below to learn WHY.


    Think about this:

    Would you buy half an umbrella to stay dry in the rain?
    Would you buy a pair of prescription glasses with one lens missing?
    Would you buy a car with only 3 tires?

    In order to have a successful outcome, it's important to set yourself up for success from the beginning.

    Buying one pair of socks, in 90% of cases, results in failure because the Voxx HPT technology is not being worn consistently on a daily basis.

    Buying one pair of insoles and 3 pairs of socks (wearing each pair twice per week) significantly increases ones chances of having success because the Voxx HPT products are being used consistently.


    In the event that someone can only afford one pair, (it happens), then we recommend purchasing an insole that will be in the shoe for the majority of the day to ensure the most consistency.


    NOTE: Picture shown is only an example. Choose sock and insole styles that best fits your personal preference.

  • 30 Day Risk-Free Voxx HPT Brain Health Experience

    Voxx Human Performance Technology is the ONLY known wearable neuro technology know to enhance brain function by 30-40% on average within 7 seconds of wearing the technology.


    Is your BRAIN HEALTH and the BRAIN HEALTH of your loved ones important?


    Then Voxx Human Performance Technology is for you!


    Dr. Mark DeBrincat has done over 3,000+ qEEG brain scans on people with and without the VOXX HPT wearable neurotech, and found that in 100% of these scans, the brain map shifts in a positive direction within 7 seconds. In 27 years of brain mapping and working with people with various neurological problems, Dr. DeBrincat had never seen changes so quick or profound until testing the HPT neurotech. The company has engaged numerous doctors and athletic testing facilities to see what this tech can do for people who are in pain or have health challenges as well as for athletes. In the study of 1,000 diabetics with peripheral neuropathy pain scoring at least 4/10 on the universal pain scale for 3 months or more, the majority had significant reductions in pain when the wore the tech for ONE week. More and more employees, athletes, teams and families are embracing this tech.


    To know whether this tech helps you, I invite you to try the 30-day experience. The company has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so why not?


    NOTE-Highly recommend ordering minimum of 1-2 pairs of socks and 1 insole. Socks to be worn around the house and to bed daily and insoles for back up when socks are in the wash. Socks are anti-bacterial so most users can get 2-3 days of wear before washing.

    • Day 1-21: Wear the tech as much as you can -- 24 hours per day if possible. Observe any changes in mood, pain levels, performance, relaxation, energy, muscle tension, sleep...
    • Day 22-24: Do NOT wear the tech! Observe any changes.
    • Day 25-27 and beyond: Wear the tech as much as possible. Observe any changes and continue to realize the long-term benefits of Voxx HPT.
    As Dr. DeBrincat discusses in his Brain Mapping reviews, wearing the technology 24/7 helps some of the improvements become permanent over time. Also understand, some benefits may take time, but with Voxx HPT, your neurology is always going to be at it's optimal performance as seen in Brain Mapping data.
  • Dr. Mark DeBrincat Explains WHY Voxx HPT Improves Our Neurology 100% of the Time

  • VOXX HPT Quick Facts:

    • Voxx Human Performance Technology(HPT) is based on 45 years of research in Neuromuscular
    • Voxx HPT are proprietary patterns of neuro-receptor activation points
    • Instant and Drug Free Wellness and Performance!
    • VoxxLife has had the HPT technology and products independently tested and verified for efficacy.

    All VoxxLife products incorporate our proprietary, exclusive and scientifically-proven Human Performance Technology (HPT). Woven or molded into our products, HPT naturally stimulates neuroreceptors in your body to:

    • Enhance Brain Function
    • Reduce Pain
    • Increase Energy
    • Increase Strength and Endurance
    • Increase Stability and Balance
    • Increase Range of Motion
    • Improve Reaction Time

    Voxx HPT Results are INSTANT, PROVEN and TESTED

    Laborers’ Union International of North America (LiUNA)(8X Less Likely to Fall)

    Tested stability/balance benefits of Voxx HPT (31% improvement in balance and stability)

    Diabetic Neuropathy Pain in Feet Study

    1,000 person study with level 4 pain (90% reported a reduction in foot pain with Voxx HPT)

    California Sports Institute and The Golf Lab Studies

    +17% Velocity of Force, +22% More Power, +15° More Range of Motion, 17% More Eccentric Force

    qEEG Brain Mapping – Gold Standard of Brain Neurology

    Currently being studied in over 2,000+ participants w/ 100% of participants positively impacted overall.

    More Voxx HPT studies coming in 2019!


    With over 45,000+ unpaid testimonials on social media and over 2,000+ brain maps with 100% improvement, you can be confident with USER COMPLIANCE Voxx HPT will help your neurology as well!


    One of the best ways to test Voxx HPT is to wear the technology 24/7 for 21-24 days and then remove the technology for 2-3 days so you too can notice the differences with and without Voxx HPT.


    NOTE: Voxx HPT benefits are cumulative meaning the longer you wear the technology, the better your brain and body will function.


    Day 1 – CLICK HERE to view the HOW TO PERFORM Voxx HPT lateral/stability tests to notice the instant difference with Voxx HPT.


    CLICK on the SHOP/TEAM tab above, order your VoxxLife products from the person or organization that introduced you to Voxx and start your 30 day experience today... Your BRAIN will thank you later!


    Tips to Remember about HPT

    • VOXX HPT is woven into each pair of socks and molded into each pair of insoles in the area on the ball of the foot. If the tech is not aligned properly, it won’t work as well!
    • VOXX HPT is a very specific sequence and pattern of neuroreceptor activation on the bottom of the feet that triggers a signal that aids in the brainstem reaching homeostasis (equilibrium, balance). NOTE-DO THE STABILITY Tests on DAY 1 of wearing the technology to notice the instant difference in your balance/stability.
    • VOXX HPT has been said to remove the ‘static’ in the nervous system, like adjusting a radio.
    • The HPT works quickly on many people’s symptoms or performance, demonstrating positive results. Some people find that it may take up to 3 weeks to notice the effects.
    • When you’re using the technology, it works; when you’re not using the technology, it doesn’t work. VOXX on, VOXX off! The benefits with Voxx HPT are cumulative, so wear the socks as much as possible.
    • If you have sleep issues, you may want to trying sleeping with the socks on. Lots of healing happens while you sleep, so please wear them at night to help your brain help your body work on wellness!
    • The HPT may increase microcirculation. Microcirculation is blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels, which is necessary for the function and healing of the cells all over the body.
    • My personal feedback: the longer I wear the socks and/or insoles, the more benefits I experience.


    Voxx HPT Delivered via the VOXX Socks:

    • Athletic – a light weight, support style sock for everyday comfort. This sock comes in different colors and styles for individual preference – available in no-show, mini-crew, crew, and knee-high length.
    • Wellness – a loose fitting sock, ideal for large legs, leg and foot health issues and diabetic comfort, available in crew length.
    • Liners – a lighter weight sock, good to wear separately as a dress sock or under designated athletic team socks. Available in crew length.
    • VoxxTread – slipper socks with non-skid bottom
    • VoxxTerra – heavy duty socks designed to be worn in boots


    Voxx HPT Delivered via the VOXX Insoles:

    • Classic insoles (orange) – a comfortable insole for most people. They are thin insoles, soft and flexible.
    • Rush insoles (red) – designed for athletes.
    • Bliss insoles (blue) – cushioned, great for people whose feet hurt, those on their feet all day, and seniors.
    • Bella/Bello (patterns or black) – thin insoles that work well with dress shoes or shoes with not much room.


    Voxx HPT Delivered via Harmony Patches – patches that can be worn on the forearm.





    • Wash inside out in warm, cool or cold water on a gentle cycle or by hand. Do not bleach, dry clean, or iron
    • Air dry – dryer heat is harsh on garments and may affect the longevity of the technology and of the sock itself.
    • Do not tug on sock when putting on.  Line up the technology under the ball of the foot.



    Trim insoles at toes; do NOT cut into the colored pattern on the bottom/ball of the insole. The pattern should be underneath the ball of your foot.


    If you have any questions about your VoxxLife products, please do not hesitate to contact us or the person that introduced you to VoxxLife!

    VoxxLife has a no-risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!



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