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    VOXXLIFE Products - The concept is simple. The science is proven. The results are extraordinary.


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    Voxx HPT users are 8X less likely to fall* with the technology on leading to better overall physical mobility for users.

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  • Dr. Mark DeBrincat Explains WHY Voxx HPT Improves Our Neurology 100% of the Time


  • Featured Video - VoxxLife Stories

    Luc Robitaille, President of the LA Kings

    We went to Los Angeles, California to sit down and meet with NHL Hall of Famer, President of the LA Kings, and avid VoxxLife user, Luc Robitaille.


    Watch as we meet with Luc to talk about his experiences with Voxx Life Tech, being drafted and playing in the NHL, and his business philosophy as President of the LA Kings

    The Power of Voxx HPT for ALL Brains, ALL Ages, ALL Athletes & ALL Employees

    Instant Brain Power

    HPT Technology helps:

    • Enhance Brain Function
    • Reduce Pain
    • Increase Strength and Endurance
    • Increase Stability and Balance
    • Enhances Range of Motion
    • Faster Reaction Times

    Featured Video - VoxxLife Stories

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    University of Southern California Athletics

    We took a trip to the University of Southern California to meet with members of the USC Athletic Staff to talk about VoxxLife and demonstrate its capabilities. We spoke with Todd Hewitt, USC's Director of Equipment Operations, about the impact Voxx HPT has had on his life, and some of the USC athletes.


    Watch as Dr. DeBrincat (Doctor of Chiropractic) conducts a brain-mapping session (qEEG) with former Arkansas State Quarterback, Travis Hewitt (NCAA/D1) and discusses the advantages that VOXX HPT can provide athletes, both on and off the field.

  • VOXXLIFE: The Future of Wellness

    VOXXLIFE’s HPT, Human Performance Technology, is proprietary, exclusive and scientifically proven in independent testing.


    HPT Technology helps:

    • Enhance Brain Function
    • Reduce Pain
    • Increase Strength and Endurance
    • Increase Stability and Balance
    • Enhances Range of Motion
    • Faster Reaction Times
    VOXXLIFE realizes that people of all ages and walks of life are focused on wellness and optimal performance. Wellness consumers are looking for products that will enhance their quality of life and are asking for natural, safe solutions for more energy, pain relief and enhanced mobility.

    People have traditionally relied on products such as pain killers, vitamins, supplements, OTC insoles, custom orthotics and comfortable footwear and apparel to achieve these goals. Pain killers and supplements have potentially devastating side effects, vitamins are inconsistent and expensive while OTC insoles are ineffective and custom orthotics are often unaffordable. More so, none of these products offer safe, instant and consistent results at an affordable price point.


    Additionally, in the case of professional and amateur athletes, the specter of Performance Enhancing Drugs has seemingly invaded every sport at every level. Athletes want and need safe, natural and legal alternatives to achieve maximum performance. Athletes are also consuming supplements, vitamins, protein powders, compression apparel, and high performance shoes all with the aim of improving their performance. People are investing in training and coaching to reach their peak.


    VOXX HPT is the safe, natural, and instant wellness and performance solution.








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    *8X less likely to fall is an algorithm that was used in correlation to the LiUNA study that tested improvements in balance and stability.

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