• Fundraising OPPORTUNITY

    VOXXLIFE Presents a Fundraising Opportunity for Schools, Schools, Leagues, Teams and Non-Profits!

    If your organization fundraises, we have a solution!

    VoxxLife provides a unique opportunity for team and organizations to introduce others to the Voxx HPT products and raise significant money as a fundraising effort.


    Instead of having your organization sell the same old boxes of chocolates, why not sell something that will help the user, families, teams or companies? And have the potential to get paid for a lifetime with one sale.


    Voxx HPT technology, imbedded in all VoxxLife products, provides users with enhanced brain function, foot pain relief, increased balance/stability, energy levels, strength and endurance.


    The tech is a pattern woven into the VoxxLife socks, molded in the insoles and available as a wearable patch.


    These products can be used by everyone of all ages, from the star athlete looking to reach the next level, to your elderly neighbor who just wants better mobility and a healthier lifestyle.

  • NOTE - Choose the option that best fits your situation after reviewing with your organization accountant

    FREE Fundraising Program

    Option 1


    • Receive 25% of the Retail Value of VoxxLife Products Purchased
    • No Membership Needed
    • No Minimum Purchase Requirements
    • Get Replicated VoxxLife Product Site to share with others

    MEMBERSHIP Fundraising Program

    Option 2 (Most Commonly Used)


    • Opportunity to raise significantly more $$$
    • Received 25% of the Retail Value of VoxxLife Products Purchased

      Additionally, receive 20% of Wholesale VoxxLife Products Purchased

    • Lifetime Revenue Share Opportunity

    • Get Replicated VoxxLife Product Site to share with others
  • NOTE-Understand the difference between the FREE Fundraising Program and MEMBERSHIP Fundraising Program as your organization may benefit more with the MEMBERSHIP Fundraising Program if your organization has flexibility.


    We highly recommend contacting the individual/organization that referred you so you fully understand the differences and long-term revenue potential for both programs.


    CLICK HERE for the Fundraising Program Application Form


    CLICK HERE for the VoxxLife Fundraising Program Packet


    NOTE-Submit your Fundraising Application through your VoxxLife contact that introduced you to Voxx so you receive the correct guidance and success plan moving forward. This is a TEAM effort!

    Over 1,000,000 Satisfied Customers!

    VoxxLife products will be the easiest products that you will ever sell. Once you take the prospect and put them through the VOXX HPT demonstration and show them the video testimonials, there is a high probability that they will purchase an item from you. These are powerful communication and sales tools. These are real people with real benefits from VoxxLife products. The demonstration is easy, quick and instant results are seen. The Voxx products provide a simple alternative to lifestyle changes to notice the benefits that are provided through Voxx HPT technology.

    How many socks are people going to buy?

    Or I don't know anyone who will buy socks.

    In North America alone, there are over 2.5 billion pairs of socks sold annually. That number is growing at 6% a year, the market is only getting bigger. With a combination of such a large market and a demonstration and the testimonials that shows instant benefits received from the products, you are set up for success.


    To help you out even further, VoxxLife has a 30-day money back guarantee. If there is an unsatisfied customer that purchases product online, we will provide them with a full refund, no questions asked.

    Fundraising Program Eligibility Guidelines Set Out by VoxxLife

    • A sanctioned league, team, school or organization with documented and published organizational structure
    • School, League, Team or Organization can't sponsor anyone.(FREE Fundraising Program ONLY)
    • Administrator of fundraising program with VoxxLife must be authorized by School, Team, League or Organization.
    • Administrator must be 18 years of age.
    • The review process will require documentation.


    • The School, League, Team or Organization will receive a replicated website and shopping cart.
    • No membership fee required.(FREE Fundraising Program Only)
    • No minimum order required. (FREE Fundraising Program Only)
    • The School, League, Team or Organization can promote product and fundraising by sharing their website link with their family, friends, and colleagues.
    • The School, League, Team or Organization will receive 25% of all retail sales on fundraising shopping cart.
    • The School, League, Team or Organization can also purchase at wholesale pricing.
    • No minimum purchase required. (FREE Fundraising Program Only)
    • Revenue Sharing to qualified up-line.
    • The School, League, Team or Organization will have full access to all the VoxxLife products available for fundraising.
    CLICK HERE to view the Voxx HPT Sports Team, Fundraising Group or Non-Profit PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Want to learn more about Voxx HPT?


    Schedule a 30-minute Voxx HPT overview/webinar to learn more about the performance, wellness and safety benefits for you, your employees, athletes and/or family.

  • Contact

    Please contact Neuroscience Advocate Daniel Bauman at 952.913.3323 with questions or fill out the form below for more info


    Leave a message here for the Independent VoxxLife Associate that referred you!