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    The keys to unlocking your neurology!


    1. Harmony Neuropatch - HPT Human Performance Technology/Master Key to Wellness
    2. REMPatch - Optimized Sleep Technology/Key to Balanced Sleep Stages
    3. NeuroVAX - Neuroplastic Immunity Optimization/Key to an Optimized Immune System
    4. METAPatch - Neurohaptic Advanced Metabolism/Key to Optimized Energy Metabolism

    Power of the HPT Patch

    Jay Dhaliwal, the founder and CEO of VoxxLife, teams up with Dr. Mark Debrincat, PhD, to demonstrate the incredible power of the Voxx Harmony NeuroPatch. You can see the effect the Harmony Patch can have for yourself in a telling brain scan!

    REM Patch

    Optimize Your Sleep

    VoxxLife is thrilled to announce a brand-new addition to our collection of patches. The REM Patch is a wearable arm patch that can be worn before going to bed to improve sleep on a nightly basis. In this video, Dr. Mark Debrincat guides us through the process of getting the most out of our nights with this amazing new technology.


    “If you’re somebody that understands the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, and you feel you could probably be sleeping better, I urge you to try the REM Patch, and you will be pleasantly surprised, and that fight to get a good night’s sleep will finally be over.”

    NeuroVax Patch

    Optimize Your Immune System​

    The VoxxLife NeuroVax patch is a ground-breaking new addition to the VoxxLife product line. These patches can be worn for forty-eight hours each, and work hard to optimize your immune system and improve physiological homeostasis. Dr. Mark DeBrincat explains exactly how this phenomenon works, and how the NeuroVax patch can improve your body’s neurology and physiology.

    Meta Patch

    Advanced Metabolism

    Meta Patch optimizes energy metabolism in a totally drug-free, non-invasive way.

    The brain plays a central role in the homeostatic regulation of energy metabolism. The brain integrates multiple peripheral metabolism and neuro inputs.

    This information, on energy intake and body energy stores, is transferred to specialized neurons in the hypothalamus and brainstem. In order to maintain energy homeostasis, the brain regulates diverse aspects of the body metabolism.

    The Meta patch triggers neuroplastic optimization and harmonization of this communication loop between the hypothalamus and brainstem by generating innate neuro-signals decoded by the CNS based on the "pattern theory" of haptic neuro coding.

    This optimized communication leads to optimized energy metabolism.