• Testing and Validation

    CLICK HERE to view the California Sports Institute double blind testing.


    CLICK HERE to view the LiUNA stability and balance testing. Voxx HPT users are 8X less likely to fall* with the technology on leading to better overall physical mobility for users.


    CLICK HERE to view the painful diabetic neuropathy pain in feet testing.


    CLICK HERE to view the Athlete Voxx HPT Demonstrations.


    CLICK HERE to view more tests at the Brainstem Reset Channel.


    *8X less likely to fall is an algorithm that was used in correlation to the LiUNA study that tested improvements in balance and stability.

  • VoxxLife Testing

    Golf Testing

    Instant Power of Voxx HPT

    VoxxHPT Demo w/ Olympian

    VoxxHPT Demo w/ Certified Athletic Trainer

    VoxxHPT Demo w/ 78 year old

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  • Voxx HPT Demonstrations WITHOUT vs WITH the technology

    Lateral Stability Test

    CLICK HERE to view how to perform this test.


    Have the client stand with their feet shoulder width apart, hold their arm rigid and tight to their side and make a fist. Take a hold of the clients fist and tell them that you are going to test their lateral stability and that you are going to pull up on their fist and that you want them to resist. When you pull up they will lose their balance and topple sideways. Ensure that they keep their arm ridged and tight to their side, keeping their shoulders back and firmly in place. Pull up gradually on their fist, do not jerk up on the fist so the client will realize that it is their instability that is causing them to topple and not you jerking them off their feet. If you are dealing with someone who is much bigger than you it is better if you use two hands, you may not move them using one hand. Everyone needs lateral stability for quick lateral movement, especially athletes and employees. Seniors need lateral movement to get in and out of a car, or to reach laterally and other activities of daily living.

    Dynamic Stability Test

    CLICK HERE to view how to perform this test.


    Have the client stand with their feet together and make a fist over fist in front of their bodies high and tight on their chest. If their fists are too low, the lower center of gravity may not allow you to move them. You will now test their dynamic stability by having them resist as you pull down on the top fist. They will topple over if test is performed correctly. Talk about the importance of dynamic stability to move forward quickly without the fear of falling. This is very important if you are an athlete, employee or a senior moving confidently throughout the day. Next you have them stand or wear Voxx HPT and you test them again. The both of you will feel that they have a greater resistance and better balance and stability. They have in fact increased their strength over 20% and their balance and stability 30% based on Voxx HPT studies.

    Range of Motion (Flexibility) Test

    CLICK HERE to view how to perform this test.


    Have the client hold there arms out straight, make a T, and standing with feet together, get them to turn back and forth a few times to warm up. Then have them turn as far as they can and mark how far they can turn. This works best if you have a third party mark how far they turn. Next have them stand on the insoles or wear Voxx HPT and see how far they turn. On average they will go another 15 degrees further. Make sure you place the insoles as close as you can to where the subject stood without the insoles when you first tested their range of motion, to accurately show the increase as a result of using the insoles. All athletes, employees and seniors know how important strength, balance, range of motion, and relaxation is to their sport, work or daily living!

    DB Lateral Raise to Fatigue Test

    CLICK HERE to view how to perform this test.

    Standing Vertical Test

    CLICK HERE to view how to perform this test.

    Broad Jump/Long Jump Test

    CLICK HERE to view how to perform this test.

    Deadlift Test

    CLICK HERE to view how to perform this test.

    One Mile Pace Test

    CLICK HERE to view how to perform this test.

    Understanding What is Happening

    The mid-portion of the brain is responsible for muscular strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, stability, pain relief, recovery, and more. By activating dermatome points which connect to the body’s nervous system (the body’s electrical system), the technology in our Voxx Life products will help relax the mid-brain to maximize physical and mental potential. This is what just happened to your body to give you greater strength, balance and range of motion and much more.

    If you know ANYONE that could benefit from greater strength, balance and flexibility—a co-worker, a senior, an athlete or someone on their feet all day, or someone just trying to be more active as well as wanting to have better quality of life, then introduce them to Voxx HPT. They will thank you later.


    Voxx HPT is affordable wellness that can help you and those you love improve brain health and performance!


    You have nothing to lose as our wearable neuro socks and insoles include a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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